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Tree branches and leaves can grow extremely thick and potentially cast a shadow over your home and garden, making them look gloomy even on bright and sunny days while also blocking out the light from other plants, flowers and shrubs in your garden.

If you have a number of trees on your property they can often compete for nourishment and water and some may grow better than others. Tree thinning can remove unsightly or poorly grown trees and ensure that only the healthy ones get the nourishment they need.

Trees can make a beautiful and stately focal point in any garden. But without proper management they can grow out of control to the detriment of your garden. They can even represent a safety risk to your home and your family if they become top heavy and are subjected to strong winds. Fortunately, our skilled team has been bringing quality tree services to customers all over Essex and Greater London since 2011.

Tree Thinning
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The importance of Tree Pruning

Without proper pruning, tree branches can grow out of control. When this happens they can prevent sunlight from getting through to your garden, preventing other plants, flowers, shrubs and bushes in your garden from growing properly. What’s more, this can cause your garden to look gloomy even in fair weather.

Pruning ensures that branches grow in the right directions, ensuring a happy and healthy garden.

Tree Maintenance

What is Tree Thinning?

If you have a number of trees in your garden and on your land they can get very competitive for water and nutrients from the soil. Some might experience excellent growth while others grow poorly and detract from the aesthetic (and potential health) of your garden. Tree thinning removes poorly trees to allow the healthy ones to grow better. This also helps ensure that all the water and nutrient content in your soil can be enjoyed by other plants.

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