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Nothing helps to set the tone of your garden and create an incredible first impression like a beautifully maintained hedge. It gives your exterior a neat and tidy appearance and affords you and your family much needed privacy. Yet it’s infinitely more welcoming and attractive to look at than a garden wall or fence. But for many of our busy and time-poor customers, the logistics of keeping their hedges clean, tidy and well maintained can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, our skilled and experienced team are on hand to take care of all your hedge maintenance needs for gorgeous, perfectly manicured hedges all year round.

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The importance of Hedge Maintenance

Formative Pruning: It’s important that your hedge is encouraged to grow in all the right places so that it maintains its shape and integrity. And this is tricky without a skilled and experienced hand. Our team can provide expert formative pruning at key points throughout the year to ensure a perfect shape.

Maintenance Trimming: We also carry out the regular trimming that’s needed to ensure that your hedge remains as neat and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Overgrown hedges can diminish the effect of even the most beautifully designed garden.

Hedge Maintenance

Could your hedge be illegal?

Believe it or not, there is specific legislation when it comes to your hedge, how high it should be and how you should handle any wildlife that nest within it. Our experienced team can help you to ensure that your hedge is as legal as it is luscious.

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