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Is there a stump where a tree used to be in your garden? This can eat up space and curtail your future landscaping options. And extracting it yourself can be extremely difficult without the right skills, knowledge and equipment.

When a tree has been felled in your garden, the stump it leaves can be surprisingly damaging to the health and aesthetics of your garden. But getting rid of it without the right expertise and equipment can be an extremely difficult task.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive stump removal service to remove the remnants of old trees and free up usable space in your garden.

Tree Stump Removal
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The importance of Stump Removal

An old tree stump might seem like a nice place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while you spend time in your garden but it can actually be quite damaging in a number of ways.

Dead tree stumps can become homes for insects and harbour unsightly and potentially dangerous funghi. They can harbour diseases which can spread to other trees and plants in your garden and have a profoundly damaging effect. What’s more, they can be a potential trip hazard to children playing in your garden or guests at a garden party.

By ridding your garden of old stumps you can free up space to make it safer and more attractive place in which to spend your free time.

Stump Removal

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Ever wondered “Who does stump grinding near me”? Our team of skilled tree surgeons can perform a range of tree stump removals at a cost that’s sure to impress. We believe in delivering outstanding value for money along with the most comprehensive range of tree services.

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