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Nothing says ‘home comforts’ more eloquently than a beautiful, roaring log fire. Since time immemorial a real wood fire has been the preferred way for families to stay warm, comfortable and cosy. And if you want your fire to burn beautifully all year round you need the right firewood. The kind that will burn economically all year round, saving you on your heating bills in the colder months while also looking incredible.

At Kempster & Sons Tree Services, we provide economical and efficient split logs to keep your home warm and cosy while also reducing your carbon footprint. For the ecologically (and budget) conscious, it’s the ultimate way to heat your home all year round.

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In this ecologically aware age, all of us are trying to do their bit to help the planet we all share. Not only can our wood burning logs for sale help to heat your home without energy consumption, you can rest assured that all of our firewood comes from trees which we have felled ourselves and converted into split logs which burn effectively and efficiently. The perfect choice for any fireplace, wood stove and log burner.

We assure that the wood we use comes from high quality sources with a good density of hardwoods including cherry, oak and ash.

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